ACTS ENERGY LLC's  reason for being is to reduce your business or organization's utility costs, letting you operate more efficiently and saving you money.

   With over forty years of experience in the natural gas industry, we have the expertise to consult with our customers on current trends as well as opportunities to limit exposure from growing utility expenses. In other words, ACTS ENERGY LLC WORKS TO SAVE YOU MONEY!

   ACTS ENERGY can also help with budgeting your natural gas costs by locking in fixed prices for a period of time. We strive to make your business or organization more energy efficient and economical, with little or no changes to your day-to-day operations.

   From negotiating bids for natural gas to intervening with the utility company for the best transport rate, ACTS ENERGY LLC will work for YOU to achieve your utility savings goals. 

   ACTS ENERGY LLC serves the following industries: Medical/Healthcare . . . Hotels/Resorts . . . Industrial Technology . . .Manufacturing Plants . . . Community Colleges . . . Casinos/Gaming . . . Poultry Processing . . . and more. 

   Read the following testimonials from a few of our current customers:

"I've been working with Mr. Palmer since 2013 and I have to say it has been great. With his expertise and knowledge of the natural gas industry, he has made it easy for us to undestand how and when to save money with ever-changing prices. He has become a steward for our company in regards to anything releated to natural gas usage. We appreciate his hard work and his commitment to helping our company succeed.    Area Vice President, Paving Industry

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